Sheila Warren 'Cirencester Market'

By Elaine Kemp 'First signs of Spring'

By Lucille Lonsdale 'Sailing'




































By Julie Tayler 'Mexican Donkey'


by Steve Brook 'Cirencester Church'


By Margaret Mortimore 'Stand and Stare'



By Jayne Tovey 'A Little Bit of Cotswold Life'

































By Penny Hawkes 'The Artists'


By Sian Defferary 'Poppy'


By Joan Lyons 'Joe'


































By Cwy England 'Polperro'

By Elaine Kemp

"Where the cow parsley skirts the hawthorn hedge "

By Sheila Warren














































by Lucille Lonsdale 'Horse Portrait'

By Cwy England 'India-bustling street scene'

by Jayne Tovey 'Blank Panther energy'

By Joan Lyons 'Romneya'

By Margaret Mortimore 'The Lakes'

By Steve Brook 'Menorca Fisherman's Cottage'

By Penny Hawkes 'Cezanne and his model'