MONDAY FEBRUARY 26th, arrival time 7.05  to 7.15pm, in Watermoor Hall


Paul is an Art Historian and a National Gallery trained guide with many years of experience working in education. As a freelance Paul delivers courses and lectures for a wide range of educational organisations including NADFAS, WEA and U3A. Paul has also given talks and tours for art associations/societies and is a guest speaker in local schools giving talks and assisting pupils with their art history projects. Paul has a long standing commitment, in conjunction with the N.G as a tour guide at the Longford Castle art collection and he is also tutor at MCSS


He will give us a general introduction to Picasso's work and then explain in depth the artist's painting 'Guernica'




The committee have had a number of small meetings in the run up to the main one on 13th February.


We have met to discuss the recent problem with the Hall and possible new venue. As many options as possible were looked at to see which would be suitable. Unfortunately many were not, owing to being already booked, bad parking, poor facilities or not within easy reach for members. The only venue which stood out was the Baptist Church and the committee will report back after a visit on 27th February. However we need to make a firm booking by the end of March or we may lose the room. Members will be asked for a show of hands at the February meeting as to whether we can go ahead if we find the venue ideal for our requirements. The attraction of this place is that we can go back to Tuesday evenings, parking spaces for 35 cars, easy access of wheelchairs etc, tea bar in the room, seating for 120, cost the same as our present venue plus  a light smaller room available for the Tuesday Group if they wish to use it.


The Exhibition Group also met to talk about future exhibitions and discuss the last exhibition in the Parish Church. It is hoped to hold the next Exhibition July or August.


A small meeting took place with Elizabeth White, Chairman of NADFAS. The Headquarters of NADFAS have decided that all local societies should now be known as The Arts Society Anytown. Which means from June we will have two Cirencester Art Societies! Although we could send a strong letter of complaint to the them, it seems this will not result in change of policy so rather than do this we have in fact decided to work together to enable both societies to flourish. In view of this we will advertise our programmes on each of our web sites, encourage members to attend lectures and demonstrations of both groups. You will find NADFAS's current lecture programme on our web site. Visitor fees to their lectures are £6 but we have been given 2 free tickets for two of their lectures. So two people can go and another two can go to a different one. Please let a member of the committee know if you would like to attend. Their lectures are held in the afternoon from 2.00pm to approximately


3.00pm in the Royal Agricultural University. The Invitation featured below in this newsletter to meet three young artists is from Elizabeth White and will be for 10.30am to approximately 12noon.You will be most welcome to attend -please ring or email her to book in.


We feel as a committee that we should use this as an opportunity to raise the profile of our own society.


The Art Society Competition is being organised for a date in June and a workshop with Paul Weaver is planned in hopefully the Baptist Church whether we meet there or not!


Future dates


Phoenix changeover March 5th 1.15pm

Hospital changeover early in March  date to be arranged


Monthly meeting March 26th

 Melanie Cormak- Hicks Landscapes in Acrylic Ink. See the article above - Three Day Art Experience.





Newsletter: March 2018








 Melanie Cormack-Hicks


Landscapes in Acrylic Ink  Monday March 26th, 7.10pm,  in Watermoor Hall


Melanie will be demonstrating her techniques and tips on using acrylic inks -she will not necessarily be painting a picture as such but hopes to get lots of questions. If you want a flavour of her work her web site is:


Annual General Meeting Tuesday April 24^th




We will be asking for nominations for committee at the March Meeting. One member of the committee will be retiring and one joining but we are still short of members according to our constitution so please do feel welcome to join us. Some of the members of the present committee have been serving  on it for very many years and cannot go on for ever!


We will also be asking for nominations for Chairman. As we have said before the responsibility for appointing a Chairman is that of the members and not the committee which is responsible for appointing Vice-Chairman , Treasurer, Secretary and  etc. At the moment our Vice Chairman Sheila has been taking on the role of Chairman but this cannot continue for much longer. So please hand your nominations to the secretary having first got the agreement of the person you are nominating.


This brings us to the second point. This year we are having Trevor Waugh demonstrating so it is planned to make the AGM as short as possible so the Chairman’s (Vice-chairman’s!) report and Treasurer’s report will be sent to you in advance as is done by many other societies. We will not be taking ’any other business’. So if you have something to raise could you please send it in to the secretary before the AGM so that the committee can see if the point can be resolved to the person’s satisfaction without general discussion. This also applies to  any late nominations. Please try and get them to us about a fortnight in advance. It really will be greatly appreciated. Hopefully if we do this the AGM should only last for about 10 minutes or so which should not eat in Trevor's time with us.




“Discover the Artist”


Name: David Prest


Email Address: (




Dear Cirencester Art  Society Members


We would like to invite you to take part in an exciting art event which will be held in Stroud in August 2018. The event is called “Discover the Artist” and is being run by the Rotary Club of Nailsworth, with the aim of raising money for the arts in the Stroud area as well as for other charities.




We are asking local artists to donate an A5-sized piece of original artwork, signed on the back, but otherwise anonymous. All of the artwork collected will be exhibited in the Stroud Subscription Rooms and then sold on a first come first served basis for £40 each on 25th August. A purchaser will only find out who created each picture once it has been purchased, hence the title of the event.




“Discover the Artist” is based on a similar event which has been held successfully in St Ives for several years. In 2017 over 300 artists contributed artwork, and the event raised a significant amount for charitable causes.




We will be publicising “Discover the Artist” widely, and to this end Cotswold Life magazine has already agreed to include an article during the summer.




If you would like to receive further information about this event please either reply to this email or call me on 07490 220 773.




I look forward to hearing from you soon, and hope that you will join us on this exciting venture.




Kind regards




David Prest OBE


Rotary Club of Nailsworth






Future dates




The Guild of Wiltshire Artists will be hosting a OPEN EVENING DEMONSTRATION  at Hook Village Hall on 16th April by Colin Brown. His theme will be Street Scene in Acrylics - to see examples: (  . There will also be a raffle. Entry price is £5 to non-guild members.